Thoughts Long Gathering Dust
in the Recesses of My Mind

As a consequence of the daunting, cataclysmic shifts in perspective on the natural and material worlds as well as the religious and spiritual worlds, many humans know we and the earth we call home are not at the center of the solar system or the universe and that the anthropomorphic God many still worship so dogmatically to the point of fundamentalism and terrorism is not the true God or spiritual force that many believe is the ground and foundation upon which all life thrives and dies. Thus, we have been in a sort of free fall for well over a century now and we cannot find anything that seems to be stable enough for us to cling to in a blind state of belief that can provide us with a sense of security and redemption as we once did.

This, in short, is the ongoing existential crisis into which man has plunged himself (more Western than Eastern even, for that matter) in his perpetual, self-inflicted hunger to bring all that exists in the world under his dominion, which is a misguided attempt to put an end to his relentless, irrational fear of being without power over his own body, will, needs and desires. This fear is embodied in his becoming disenfranchised from what he believes is rightfully his, becoming a slave, becoming mentally and/or physically incapacitated, and in death itself. And this desire, this thirst for power and control over all things stems from a fear and ignorance of our true self, which is not just primal, natural, and animal but also sacred, holy, and divine. It stems from not understanding the impermanence of all things, including life itself. The fragility of life and the loss of any semblance of control we may have put the strongest, deepest fear into the heart and mind of man. Man fears being dominated and enslaved by the other because he is not enlightened as to his two-sided divided self, and he fears a total loss of self-control, so he seeks to disempower that other before he himself is enslaved, thus preserving his life and any control he may seemingly have over it. Man is not meant to control others but rather himself, bringing into balance his natural and divine selves, uniting them to create a fully integrated self.

This manic pursuit of power can only result in ever-greater oppression but you can be sure that as long as there are individuals among the masses that eventually the oppression will suffer its own death at the hands of those whose dreams and ideals put the freedom, equality, and rights of the individual ahead of institutions of all kinds, including the government, that prevent this from coming to fruition.

The patriarchal system that has been in place for millennia survives through the mindless consumerism of the masses and the violent oppression of all persons, beliefs, events, and histories that are dissenting voices to the one-way path of seeing, thinking, feeling, and acting that the patriarchy has proscribed for all. The patriarchy is built and sustained on fear, its own and that of the people. It is built on and preserved through the ignorance of the people and the arrogance of those who control the system and keep it alive at any and all cost. The patriarchy claims that the implements of the law, the police, and the surveillance state exist to keep the peace and sustain the social order so that civilization can continue its progress toward the utopian sound bite of equality, justice, and freedom for all humankind. If human beings really wanted full rights, freedom, equality, and justice this would have been achieved long ago. But it is the nature of man to look up to a figure greater than himself, to surrender the power to make decisions that impact his life as well as that of his fellow citizens to a leader who can protect him and the people (thereby he willingly relinquishes a certain amount of his freedom and power to this leader and the self-serving apparatus through which he rules). Until this can be changed, wherein we can govern at smaller, more communal levels, through greater local representation and participation that will focus on how laws affect the very human lives of each individual within particular jurisdictions and districts, then there will be no justice, no equality, no full rights, no true freedom.

But these instruments that claim to ensure safety and security exist primarily to keep the masses in a constant state of fear, consumerism, mind control, and hatred among themselves, ripping our wealth, our purchasing power and choices, our rights and freedoms, from us each day more and more, little by little, till all the power and wealth is concentrated at the top, and we must beg to be given scraps, as did the Third Estate in the eighteenth century, which was one of several conditions that led to the French Revolution. These instruments, and the failure of all institutions that have argued that their goals are the attainment and security of the livelihood, justice, freedom, and equality of the people, only serve to protect and keep in power the less than one percent that run the world and whose wealth continues to grow to an obnoxious, obscene proportion on the bent backs of the enslaved workers who must work three jobs to barely make ends meet, and who are told they should be grateful to have a job at all in this economy, an economy that the one percent and the corrupt puppets who “run” the government have carefully orchestrated to fulfill their own whims and desires, not the needs of the people who foolishly keep electing and reelecting them because they know no better and choose to remain in fear and ignorance of how the world really works and why.

The modern condition is one in which all our old traditions and beliefs, held fast by the Victorians at all costs, underwent a holocaust and were left in ruins in the face of the numerous inevitable spectacles of the death instinct we have and continue to put on display for ourselves and the world for the last century through endless acts of war and blind enslavement to absolutist creeds that should find no home, no nurturing, in the human heart. It is a condition in which medical and scientific advancement is greedily kept in the hands of the few and technological innovation dramatically outpaces the moral and ethical evolution of the human race, whose lives it is meant to improve in any number of ways.

It is a condition in which governments lie to their people and strip them of their basic rights as humans and as citizens of their nation and the planet, waging wars for land, fragile and impermanent resources, and to build up coffers of material wealth and global power that they and their corporate masters cannot take with them when Death beheads them, for they are not pharaohs, all in the name of rigid, divisive ideologies that are not right for everyone, but pursued in the name of Mammon, while the fundamentalist soldiers of God detonate themselves in their own delusional cause, taking countless innocents with them, as the once all-powerful religious dogmas and beliefs of long ago become petrified through their reluctance to participate in the dance to the music of Time that all Creation moves and transforms to.

A condition for which it is too late for a cure, as we are inherently creatures of barbaric self-interest and passions impossible to fully correct or discipline, not creatures of logic, reason, empathy, or compassion, virtues and faculties which we need to learn and be taught how to implement and value. Virtues and faculties that need to be put to use even more readily and successfully than our baser instincts and beliefs so often are, in the hopes that they can defeat the latter and positively alter the future of humanity.

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