My First Post; or Me, Write a Blog?

I’ve toyed with the idea of joining the blogosphere for over a year now, and finally got the opportunity to sit down and create a blog that I hope readers might discover and find my ideas on a variety of things of interest. I hope not to rant, but rather give a thoughtful, commonsense perspective on topics that I have deep knowledge of, such as art, education, literature and writing, editing and publishing, and philosophy and religion. I also have other interests and am passionate as of late about history, gender and sexuality, as well as politics. All blog posts will be found on here on my Home page.

My blog, I hope, will not be so much about me as about what piques my interest, stimulates my passions as a human being and as a citizen, and thus the need to have my thoughts and my voice on whatever particular topic heard.

A more practical reason I’ve started a blog has to do with being a freelance editor and writer: I hope potential clients will visit my site, take a look at my editing and writing skills, and hire me to do some work for them. Hence, my blog is also a portfolio of my creative and critical writing skills in the genres of poetry and the essay. All the poems and essays you’ll find here have been previously published since 2006. I have also included links to books I’ve edited or proofread for both private clients and major publishers that I will update periodically so interested clients can take a look at the type of books I work on. Anyone interested in hiring me can take a look at my Editorial & Writing Services page for more detailed information about the services I offer.

Finally, a word about the Currently Reading section: Since I read all the time (for work and pleasure), I plan on writing posts about the books I read in my free time, mainly fiction and nonfiction, on the different topics I mention above, and about the books I’m currently editing or proofreading. Not everything I read captivates me, but all good writers always have something to say, or say something in such a way that truly strikes at the heart of the matter or stimulates me to think or react in some fashion, and when they do I will respond and write posts for those readers who may be interested in picking up the book, whether it’s already published or will be in the future.

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