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I have an undergraduate and graduate degree in English, with minors in Art History and Philosophy (1999 and 2001). I have a certificate in editing and a certificate in digital publishing from NYU (2009 and 2012). I was an ESL tutor from 2000 through 2002 and an adjunct English professor from 2002 through 2007. I became a freelance editor in early 2009 and have been working in book publishing (both trade and academic, including ESL) and magazines since that time.

I offer a range of services in writing and editing, and my subject-area expertise and interest runs across the humanities and certain social sciences. I am happy to assist anyone interested in developing their writing skills for academic essays or theses as well as trade fiction or nonfiction books for eventual print and e-book publication, whether through the traditional publishing house or self-publishing route.

Writing services:
• contributor’s blog posts; web-site content writing
• in-person coaching for writing skills development for academic essays/theses (high school and college), including organization and structure and correct sourcing
• in-person coaching for trade fiction (including voice, style, dialogue, and timeline, character, and plot development) and nonfiction (memoir, (auto)biography, and historical texts), with an emphasis on development of language and narrative as key to telling of events and keeping reader interest

Editing services:
developmental editing: including critical feedback on content and thesis development and narrative (academic and nonfiction), constructive critiques of narrative voice development, character, timeline, plot, and dialogue development (fiction)
line editing: including refining your voice and the language style used to tell your story or argue your thesis, refining scenes and exposition (in fiction), revising paragraph and sentence structure for better flow, and anything else to ensure readability of your text
copyediting: including revising sentences and paragraphs as needed for correct syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling to strengthen the flow of the narrative or the argument, and to enhance readability
proofreading: including a straight read of the text to ensure correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling before submission or publication

If you’re interested in hiring me for any of the above services, please contact me via the form on my Contact Me page, detailing the service(s) you wish to hire me for. I will provide you with my latest résumé, including references and publishing credits, as well as a list of fees. All fees are negotiable and a payment-plan option is available.

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