A Splatter of Thoughts


I believe in free will, but I also believe in fate. I believe who we become is imprinted on our souls before birth and that each choice we make and action we take reveals the tapestry of our lives thread by thread until at the end of our life what lies before us (and, ironically, behind us) is the detailed tapestry of our lived existence. We can only make sense of the little moments and big events when we have distance from them and see how all the seemingly disparate threads eventually come together to weave a scene of incomparable beauty. The lives we create through choice and action are the lives we are fated to have. If the truth behind the mystery of life were that it is nothing more than a random act in continuous flux till the great punctuator Time end stops it then there would be no symmetry, no pattern, to what we see throughout the cosmos and in Nature. Man may impose order on his own kind, at its unfortunate expense and to ward off the eternally impending annihilation of the species, but Nature and the cosmos have an order, a harmony, that the human eye cannot always see and the mind comprehend. The same goes for our individual lives; we can perceive the patterns only as the myriad aspects of who we are begin to bloom and branch out in the forward march of Time. Time is given to us so that we will become a revelation to ourselves; it is a gift through which we are meant to become self-aware and actualized. Time is a path toward transcendence away from the present and from the past, which paralyzes and terrorizes us with the shadow of memory and the futility of nostalgia, regret, and sorrow. If you listen closely, with stronger faith and deeper trust, and wait a little longer for the song of your life to play on, you will hear the chords of discord reveal themselves as those of harmony and begin to hear the profound depths of the ecstatic symphony conducted by Time, as we dance through the seasons of our lives as individuals and as a species, in time with the eternal pulse of life.

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