I found myself qickly relating to what you are saying., Dominick. An older poet once said to me when I was young, that if you are still writing poetry past 30, you are a poet. I am not sure that he was quite correct there. I did continue writing poetry past thirty, but very little. My efforts were taken up in other ways, my professional and then academic life. But once retired, I did take up poetry again, to the extent that most of my poetry is that of age. So take comfort.

In one way or another, I think we pass through our own Sturm und Drang, and I suspect what you describe here is your passing out of your Sturm und Drang. I expect you will find a more equanimous way, more detached, perhaps more ironical mode of writing. Re-inventing yourself from passion to wisdom. It might not be in the individual poems, but in the overall development of your corpus.